“Leslie is intense, hardly any breaks, will kick your ass.”

“Wanna sweat a whole bunch? Do you like laughing? Take Leslie’s class. You guys, it’s awesome. I’ve been going about a month now, and I can already see and feel a difference in my body.”
–Andie Cox

“I love Leslie’s classes when I’m in the mood for a bootcamp-paced class with a dose of motivational speaking. They are so intense sometimes I can barely drive after class!”
–Alys Kenny

“Leslie (best calorie burn intense insanity get your money’s worth). Best workout ever. I will be a pilates aficionado until the day I die. Tones you up in a flash.”
–Brittany Welsh

“I knew I was in love as soon as I pulled into my driveway after class. I wasn’t sure I could even get out of the car I was already so sore. I became a Leslie devotee then and there. A year later, two weeks until the wedding day, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I just threw away half of my closet and had my engagement ring taken down a size.”
–Lindsey Meyer Clough

“LESLIE is the best at what she does! Since I started coming to Pilates Plus Silverlake, i have seen a significant transformation of my entire body within the first month that I enrolled. Leslie pushes you to your utmost limit! She will definitely make you SWEAT!”
–Karrie San Diego

“Leslie is an amazing instructor, I will only go to her classes. She designs her classes to be fun, challenging and focused so you get maximum results. We are all so busy these days…I want to get the most out of the hour…and Leslie totally delivers a well rounded class. Plus her upbeat and inspiring personality makes you actually want to give it your all! It has been a great experience. I only wish I had the time to go to her classes more often! I hate gyms and this was a great alternative for me. The hour flies by! Thanks, Leslie!”
–Ven Velasco

“Amazing workout! My abs are still burning thanks to Leslie! Her class is unreal! Prepare to have a rockin’ body.”
–Tony K.

“She will make you sweat just after 3 minutes of class. Great energy and great workout!!! Spaces fill up fast, so make sure you sign up in advance.”
–Miriam Korn

“Leslie has such a sweet upbeat energy and watching her long legs walk around motivate you and she is the best inspiration!! She is funny and encouraging, all her exercises make you feel energized and beautiful! Guaranteed to be a fun class!!”
–Olanna T.

“Try Leslie Karpman’s class… She is amazing! Her training method strengthens, lengthens, and tones the body not only in 40 minutes, but in each and every move! You’ll feel energized, stronger, and more flexible in minutes. Leslie never slows down, so you burn mega calories and hit every muscle group… She leaves you sore for days! Not only is she a great trainer but she’s funny, entertaining and makes every workout fun! Her workouts are challenging but so worth it. I toned up — no gym required… I LOVE it! and couldn’t be happier with the results.”
–Ester Talasazan

“I love classes with Leslie! First of all, she’s hilarious, and she keeps you from getting bored. She loves Britney and Madonna which is adorable. Second of all, she knows what she’s doing, and she will come correct you and make sure you are doing things in the proper way. She is fun and a great teacher!”
–Lauren G.

“LESLIE! LESLIE! LESLIE! LESLIE!!!!!!!! I love this place. The workout starts to yield results after about 2 weeks if you’re going at least twice a week. If all you can make it to is two classes then you need to see Leslie. I prefer her xtreme classes as she WORKS you. This is not your give up when you feel like it’s too tough class, Leslie won’t let you do that. 2 classes a week, week by week she is changing my body. If you’re ready for a workout that is going to change the way you look, look no further, you’ve found it!”
–Lady L.

“I’d like to tell you about Leslie Karpman(trainer/nutrition/rehab) is a God-send to me!  She is an angel in my life that has inspired me to never give up and keep going!  I was in a tragic accident approximately 4 years ago, that just about destroyed me, and along my journey with surgeries, procedures, injections etc. She has been here for me not only physically, but mentally as well-she keeps my head game strong in this journey called life!  She has not only rehabbed my body to a stronger place, I truly believe I think differently because of her!  In a more positive way!  I have trained with her privately for almost 2 years, my body & I couldn’t be more grateful for her!  She’s the best!”
–Kelly L.

“I’ve been going to Carrie’s for the past 4 years and it is by far the best workout I’ve done in LA or anywhere.  I always go to Leslie Karpman’s classes (usually twice a week) and she is a complete badass.  She’s able to diversify the workouts to keep you coming back, keep the class motivated, and also take time to help new people attending for the first time (I’ve brought friends many times for their first session and they always end up coming back – primarily because of Leslie’s instruction and endless enthusiasm). Leslie’s classes have helped improve my strength and flexibility – and I’ve seen noticeable changes in my physique … while also helping me on both the basketball and volleyball courts. I never take the time to write yelp reviews – but felt compelled to write one on behalf of Leslie and Carries Pilates overall – if I could give more than 5 stars I would.  I think it’s generally referred to as one of the hardest workout classes you can do in LA (and it’s definitely a great workout), but when I started I’d never done pilates or yoga before and wasn’t anywhere near the shape I’m in now — and then beyond that there are people of all ages and fitness levels in each class I attend.  So I think it’s something extremely valuable for anyone – whether you’re looking to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, or you workout every day of the week and are looking to hit an even higher level of fitness (especially with regard to your core and flexibility).”
–Ari L.

“Leslie is a wonderful ball of energy!! You will see her taking class as well as teaching, which accounts for her AMAZING BODY!! Always friendly with a routine that is tough, constantly moving and challenging!!!! just when I think I am going to drop, she will dance by me and I can do the 10 more seconds. her energy is that contagious.”
–Kari F.

“Take Leslie’s class. That’s all I have to say if you want to see results.”


ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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