Leslie designs a workout program based on your fitness and nutrition goals. Each client’s unique biochemistry is at the center of each plan, and Leslie’s targeted workouts, combined with coaching and proper nutritional guidance, will change your body, and your life.


Leslie will create a specific workout plan, breaking down the body by each part, constantly mixing up the workout to shock your body and to keep your head in the game. Leslie is known for transforming bodies.


Leslie takes you and a friend (or you and multiple friends) on a journey of body transformation. This is Leslie’s favorite way to train clients. The energy is palpable.


Together we will explore your habits and behaviors. That is our starting point. Awareness is the first step in change. We will discuss your fitness goals, training, and the proper nutrition to create your dream body.

  • Initial meeting: 1 hour to 90 minutes
  • Followup meetings: 30 min to 1 hour
  • Journaling: Leslie sees this as the most effective technique in complete body transformation. This approach incorporates mindfulness, learning how to honor what your body is craving, and of course, accountability.
    To be discussed as an option upon initial consultation.
  • Supermarket Tours: Leslie takes the guess work out by meeting you at the grocery store!  Aisle by aisle she shows you all her favorite products, as well as how to read labels, introduce new ingredients, select the best on-the-go choices, and answers any questions that spring up in you on the way.  
  • Food Demos: Leslie reveals all her favorite meals and snacks that keep her energized and fit.  She shows you how to prep for the week so you have easy, delicious options that feel as good as they taste.


Leslie’s classes are a combination of high intensity Pilates/strength training/cardio. Often described as “Pilates on crack,” she works each muscle group to failure, toning your body in 45 minutes of pure intensity.
Warning: Leslie’s classes are highly addictive.

To check out Leslie’s weekly class schedule, click on your preferred location below.
West Hollywood


Leslie specializes in fitness and nutrition workshops that will leave you empowered, energized, and educated. Leslie is available to facilitate an event that fits your company’s goals and objectives.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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