My mission through training is to give you the most intense endorphin rush of your life. You leave craving more, and it’s no surprise that my people are dedicated and fierce.  It goes so far beyond which exercises get you the best abs and the perkiest butt, it’s what gets you the healthiest. Great abs/tight butt are an effect, the cause is you got healthy. When we train, I’m not gonna tell you things that anyone else can tell you if you google “get in shape.”  

I love to study brain science, and take what I learn into my approach, and that is where my training gets unique.  In order for our ancestors to survive, the brain evolved a negativity bias.  That exists in us today, only there is no impeding danger facing us, no saber-toothed tiger chasing us. Fortunately we have the capacity to change our brain structure based on what we think and feel.  I see fitness as the gateway to simultaneously training the body and the mind.  The mind plays tricks on us when things get physical, and that’s where I come in.  I get to break the lie that you want to give up; it is false, yet it sounds so true in the moment.  

It all goes beyond the physical workout.

When we get our heads in a good space, then we can get into the workout room, and push to new heights. At first we survive through a tough workout, and then we thrive in it, and with our growth, we take that strength into the real world with us, and life becomes so much bigger, and so much more beautiful.

What I do is about you getting into great shape physically, mentally, and emotionally.



In my experience, fitness is life force.  Fitness brought me back.  With my first heartbreak, I felt broken, in every way possible.  I hit a rock bottom that took me down to 89 lbs. My feelings were so big, I thought they might kill me.  I wanted to disappear.  It was hard to move, to breathe.   I remember getting out of the shower, and seeing my spine jutting out in the mirror, and feeling so frightened that I would die there.  It was an incredible journey to rebuild both my body and my mindset.  I learned of the strength we carry in our mind/body connection. The gratitude that fills me when I wake up each and every day alive and healthy and free is an amazing feeling, and I believe it is my purpose to give this back to others.



ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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